What is PR visa for Canada?

Friday, June 28, 2019

Canada PR visa is a permanent visa for those looking to settle in the country. It is valid for an indefinite time period. After spending 3 years on your PR, you can apply for a citizenship of Canada. So first let us understand what is PR visa for Canada?


Canada is a huge country but its population count is very less. Thus, there is always a challenge for the country to meet the labour demand of the growing economy. Consequently, the government of Canada has to come up with immigration framework to lure skilled immigrants in the country.


These skilled individuals are called upon, are given PR visa and rights associated with us and in return, the economy gets skills it needs.


A PR visa stands for permanent resident visa and thus it gives a residency right for as long as you desire (permanent). Every 5 years, one has to get the visa renewed (provided you get citizenship after 3 years). If you fail to do so, your PR visa will expire.


Now assuming you have understood what is PR visa for Canada , let us look at the benefits of PR visa in detail:


·        It allows you to come, stay and work anywhere in Canada

·        It allows you to study anywhere in Canada

·        It allows you to travel to and from Canada

·        It allows you to take benefit of social security schemes such as medical aids, free education, allowances, etc.

·        It allows you to sponsor your relatives from India

·        It allows you to become citizen of the county after 3 years

·        It allows you to reside in Canada with your family

·        It allows you get protection under Canadian law


These are just the basic benefits that come with a PR visa. If you see the bigger picture, there are a lot of perks and privileges that a PR visa holder enjoys. In fact, you get every right that a Canadian citizen has except 2 rights which are- a) participate in the government making/ right to vote and b) do high security jobs such as military, etc.


To get a more detailed view of what is PR visa for Canada and how to apply for it, get in touch with immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada!

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