ICCRC Immigration consultants or not- How to know?

Friday, July 05, 2019

TCWW is one of the top ICCRC agents in Delhi. However, we believe that there are many individuals sitting in on the seat of a immigration specialist just to con you for money. More often people get into traps of these consultancies and get financially exploited. It is therefore advised to always hire a consultant from the ICCRC members list.


There are consultants that you will come across who will tell you about the entire migration and visa processes. They can disclose to you things that will make you accept that they are the best choice for your Immigration procedure.

Next they will hand you over their counselling expense, with your entire reports and urge you to start your process with them. Now this is the point where you have to confirm if or not they are the real ICCRC agents in Delhi or not.


Make attempt to know about the visa consultancy you are meeting by checking them on the ICCRC members list. Also, go online and read reviews about them or ask them the details of their past clients who have got PR visa. Also, read the terms and condition of the firm cautiously.


After making you 100% certain that the advisor is genuine, then take the next step i.e., check for the bundle of services they are providing to you. Some may provide you a lot more than just filling your express entry such as giving your IELTS and job assistance, filling PNPs and arrangements of post-landing services in Canada as well.


The best visa consultancy will not ask you money for each step out of nowhere. They will just charge a one-time fee and also justify the amount charged by them. a good consultancy will work efficiently till the delivery of your PR visa. They will guide you in getting the correct documents and the correct pattern to get a Job from Canada in the most ideal way.


TCWW is the best Canada immigration consultants in Delhi for you. Don’t trust our words, come visit our office and decide yourself! 

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