Canada Express Entry process explained!

Friday, August 02, 2019

The country of Canada has numerous open doors for young and passionate Indians. Truth be told, Canada is the best country to settle in for people who want to immigrate with their families.


So if you searching for ways to apply for Canada PR, then you must start understanding the process involved as explained by TCWW- the Best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. The procedure is simple and understandable.


One of the most well known pathways to immigrate to Canada is through the Express Entry Program that is for skilled and qualified people who want to come and settle in the nation for contributing towards the developing economy. The program offers Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trade Program, and the Canadian Experience Class as streams to choose from as per your credentials.


Following is the step-by-step Express Entry process explained:


Take Language Test


Language test is the essential step for applying for Express Entry, as the nation needs those individuals in the nation that can comfortably convey on day-to-day basis. Hence, take any language test such as IELTS, etc. and get the minimum points as required. The qualification points is CLB 7 for Express Entry that is getting IELTS 6 groups in every module of speaking, writing, listening and reading.


Educational Credential Assessment Report


After giving a language test, it is recommended to take the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) test. The Canadian Immigration office assesses educational degree that must be at par with Canadian levels of education. A positive ECA report is the green signal for continuing the process further. You can get your ECA done through any of the Best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada.


Make your Express Entry Profile


With a positive result for both, the next stage is making an express entry profile on the portal of CIC or with a consultant and fill in the key credentials like age, educational qualification, work skills, language scores, and other such factors. At least 67 points out of 100 on Canada’s Point Assessment grid is required to qualified for Canada PR.



Apply for Provincial Nominee Programs


To get extra points in the total CRS total, you can apply to PNPs offered by CIC and different provinces of Canada. Every province has its own specific PNP with their own criteria of choosing the potential candidates to give nomination to. If you manage to meet these any provinces’ criteria for a particular class, then you will get 600 points towards your CRS point score.


Get invitation to apply from CIC


As a high scoring candidate, you will be picked up from the express entry pool where you were situated along with other potential candidate. The highest CRS score candidate is invited through standard Express Entry Draw. Post getting an ITA, you should present an application to CIC inside the time frame of 90 days.


Complete medical and criminal verifications


As a final step, you are required to have a total health check-up with a specialist endorsed by Canada Immigration expert panel and present the reports to CIC. You are additionally required to get a Police Clearance Certificate from every city you have resided for more than 6 months. The Canada Immigration office will lastly audit the total application and if needed, they may request any extra document or record to be shown during this stage.


Get your PR status


You will get a PR status after completion of the process. To sail through the above-mentioned steps smoothly, it would be better to arrange the Best Canada immigration consultants in India for Canada in your service.


Apply for your PR card


Last stage of Canada Immigration is receiving your Canada PR card and making preparations to fly to your dream country and start a new life.


If you are thinking to hire us as your case assistance, then let us tell you that we don’t leave your hands after PR approval but also provides you post-landing services in Canada such as accommodations, travelling, bank account assistance and arrangement of driving license and SIN card.

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